About Ashdown Vet Services

AVS was initialised 6 years ago; it grew from a need of Practice Manager George Christopherson to build his own online store.  He found there was an extensive requirement for product maintenance and system work that transfers across surgeries. He decided other surgeries would benefit from our work on the store system. 6 Years down the line the system has developed and grown, we now have between 4 – 5k products on the store. All products, images and text are maintained by us along with the MRP prices (in line with manufacturer’s suggestion) and have incorporated a number of extra facilities and tools into the system to also focus on preventative health care and repeat buying compliance tools.

The Ashdown system is designed to give all the tools a veterinary practice needs to offer products sale online and support that sale from end to end. We carry out the development and maintenance work, all the while providing the practice the ability to manage the store to their requirements and   keeping out of sight from the end customer.

We are vet specific, born out of a requirement to facilitate vets doing business with their customers working to help with diminishing margins and the rise in prominence of online pharmacies.  Created by vets for vets!!

Notes From George

I founded AVS with an aim to get 30% of your (and mine) vet surgery business online by 2017  delivering considerable increases in compliance sales, administrative efficiency, retailing and footfall. The initial software was developed in the UK and launched in 2007. With many exciting developments still to come we already have 15% of UK vet surgeries using the AVS software. Not being subsidised by a Manufacturer or PMS our independent technology is designed to benefit every UK vet surgery as its primary objective.