After initially creating the Ashdown system to work exclusively with veterinary wholesale accounts a number of practices and manufacturers have enquired as to the system’s ability to sell products, ordered and fulfilled directly from the manufacturer.

With 600 surgeries currently using the Ashdown system and more coming online every week the opportunity to communicate with practices or provide a value added service using the Ashdown system is an obvious one. Although understandably protective of our customers data and refusal to entertain any unrelated communications or spam, we are more than happy to work with any manufacturer that wishes to offer a service or communicate an offer or relevant information with our extensive client base.

In recent years we have worked with a number of manufactures to do just that, ranging from listing their products on the stores to building product specific portals for the online stores to offering communication opportunities.

Should you wish to gain any further information about working with Ashdown please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With the available communication software, Ashdown can create a message or announcement on behalf of the manufacture and provide it to the veterinary practice to send on to their customers.  The system is tied to the online store to enable a product specific communication to be sent out, linking to a purchase and collecting the data of the entire process from the sending of message to the receipt, reading and through to purchase.

Notes From George

As the only online transactional software available to all UK vet surgeries (including Channel Islands  and Northern Ireland)- manufacturers can work with us to deliver nationwide promotional campaigns and monitor online sales data of their products made by vet surgeries. With the VMR tightening all the time, your product information (including on POM-V’s) can be now be distributed to vet surgery AVS “inboxes” - from where they can send onwards by email to all their clients your communication or promotion.