Client Communications

AVS provides veterinary practices with communication software to allow the sending of emails and SMS to their customers. With the easy to user interface any practice can create a message and send it out to their customer base receiving information on the success of the communications.

The system is tied to the online store to enable a product specific communication to be sent out, linking to a purchase and collecting the data of the entire process from the sending of message to the receipt, reading and through to purchase.

With the introduction of creatable voucher codes, a voucher can be sent out using the Ashdown communication service, tracked through its journey to the customer and redeemed by the customer specifically on the practices Ashdown web store.

Notes From George

To easily inform all you surgery clients about the product and services available from your online store, we have attached a web based emailing and texting system.  It can also be used to pass on communications from your clients originated by manufacturers (if you chose).  Communications outside encouraging trade with your surgery include newsletters and disease outbreaks.