Ashdown Vet Services provides veterinary specific websites. We offer either a choice of templates to select from or a bespoke designed option, from there we work with the practice to develop a site to fit the requirements. 

Using our easy to use content management system (CMS) practices can amend the look, feel and content of their sites ensuring all information is up to date adding text, new pages, forms and images as required. As easy as the CMS is to use AVS is also available to help whenever needed.

Our search engine optimised sites are, quick and hassle free to set up, easy for practices to maintain, and friendly for the public to navigate.

Notes From George

Our website management software (written, maintained, improved by our own software code writers - not bought from India or the USA) enables you to keep your website completely up to date as quickly and easily as writing a Word document. You can add, edit and remove new pages from your site with a click of a mouse button and add exciting features such as Google Maps, pet image galleries and pet registration forms. All our websites are specially designed to be search engine friendly for Google and other search engine rankings.