Online Stores

The Ashdown Online store is currently being used by over 600 surgeries. Our stores couple to any vet surgeries website to ensure a seamless transition from practice site to store. We at AVS maintain the store catalogue to ensure that all products are displayed with the correct images and descriptions but provide the practice the tools to choose the products listed and amend any prices from the defaulted MRP. Ashdown online store uses the practice wholesaler account, (So will benefit from the wholesaler discount) All orders made are automatically sent to the practices wholesaler, the payment for the order is sent directly to the surgeries bank account (using you own World Pay account) the products purchased arrive next day in surgery and the customer is emailed to let them know to come and pick up their products.

AVS can take any partner/yourself through our online demonstrator over the phone, so it becomes clear how simple and well designed our system is to use. 

There are:

  • No set-up fees
  • No up-front payments
  • No fixed monthly costs
  • No minimum term contracts and;
  • No loss of wholesaler discount !

Alongside the sale of products we have created a number of facilities including 

  • The ability to create your own healthcare plans and present them on your store for customers to purchase.
  • To add items to the customer basket such as prescription products or prescription diets. Including the ability to add them as a repeat purchase of an on-going order and payment from a single customer check out and transaction.
  • A function for your customers to pay online either as a bill payment or regular monthly instalments.
  • The ability for customers to preauthorise a payment to be taken for work carried out when not present (particularly useful for equine practices)

Notes From George

I opened my first surgery in 2004, and then built my own online store. I realised the main cost would be maintaining the content, not the store software, so had developed the software that permits my own store content at could be made available to any UK vet surgery. As an independent software supplier available to every vet surgery in the UK our technology can be promoted or utilised by any manufacturer, buying group, vet wholesaler or practice management system.