Online Stores

The AVS online store will couple with any veterinary website, displaying over 4500 products and using the practices current wholesale account to automatically order purchased products. Combining our work to ensure the store takes on the look and feel of the practice website and the ordering and instant transfer of transaction to the practice the AVS system is designed to let customers do business with their veterinary practice.


AVS provides websites exclusively to the veterinary industry. We work with practices to offer a number of website options, ranging from simple template based sites to multi-site, bespoke designed web solutions. The sites include an easy to use content management system and as always Ashdown are available on the end of the phone to help with the usually laborious process of creating a new website.

Client Communications

To support the online store system and veterinary practices in general we have created a communication platform to allow the practice to correspond with their customers. Whether it be an email newsletter, vaccine reminders or alert to a newly available product on the store this function is both simple to use and a valuable marketing tool.

Existing Customer?

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Notes From George

I founded AVS with an aim to get 30% of your (and mine) vet surgery business online by 2017  delivering considerable increases in compliance sales, administrative efficiency, retailing and footfall. The initial software was developed in the UK and launched in 2007. With many exciting developments still to come we already have 15% of UK vet surgeries using the AVS software. Not being subsidised by a Manufacturer or PMS our independent technology is designed to benefit every UK vet surgery as its primary objective.